A programmable timer for reiki and physical exercises

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vTimer is born of the necessity of making a sequence of boringly repetitive physical exercises. During development, it was realized that it would be very useful also for reiki sessions and, from various feedback received, for other purposes.

vTimer is usefull where

  • tempo base is to be counted:
  • for some repetitions and all this  is to be done
  • for some cycles

The usefullness to have separed repetitions and cycles is given by tehe possibilities to have different acoustic signals and/or musical track changes for each of them.

Waiting the tutorial (is work in progress …) here are some definitions.

Base time means sequence “basic time unit” (the time for each position or exercise)
Repetitions means how many times we want repeat “base time” to have a cycle
At the beginning of every repetition we can have a sound
Cycels means how many times we want repeat every “repetition”
At the beginning of every cycle we can have a (different) sound
The name is to identify entire sequence
At the end of the sequence we can have a (different) sound

In the advanced settings  we have the possibilities to choose background music tracks
Pay attention that music tracks must be on device (no Internet streaming)
Music tracks may be selected by Album, artist, genre or personalized playlist;
Again pay attention that playlists must be managed with device software (vTimer only reads them)
Is it possible to let vTimer play a new sound track when playing one is finisched or we can force the change at every cycle or repetition.
To have more fun we can cativate tracks shuffling

Esamples and other resources