the stop technique!

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The dance combined with the STOP technique! it is useful for creating presence and generating clarity. What happens is that in that stopping, the mind suddenly stops, and for an instant there is a clearing up. All thoughts disappear, there is a void, and in that void there is an opening.

If all of a sudden you become present, the whole energy changes. The continuity that was taking place in the mind stops. And it happens so suddenly that the mind cannot immediately create a new thought: it takes time – the mind cannot work if there is no time. (Osho)

Dance playfully, totally lose yourself in the dance and when the music stops: STOP! Immobilize where you are, in whatever position you are, as if frozen. Do not adjust your body position in any way. A cough, a movement – anything will dissipate the flow of energy, and the effort will have been useless. Be a witness to everything that happens to you. Then the music starts again and you dance again and so on until the gong sounds.

Yes, but you need a person who decides when to stop. A ready-made CD works the first time but the following times the mind is prepared because the stops are always the same. This app allows you to configure a sequence of songs that will be stopped automatically after the time you have chosen but with some variability. In practice, for each song you can choose how long the song will last and how much “more or less” of this time. Same goes for breaks (stop times). This allows you to do meditation without any guidance. For a better sound experience, wire phone / tablet to a speaker (bluetooth ones can be a good choice) and … good meditation

Google Play Store: vStopDance

The app is intuitive but, if you need one, here is a


The app is still under development so we apologize for any malfunctions. Thanks in advance for any comments, advice or bug reports.

@StopDance users: what are the most used/usable time sequences?

@Musicians: it will be usefull to have some free music for Stop Dance

@Audio Tecnics: a better audio clip for “stop” (male and female version for example) will be appreciated

@Apple Programmers: a collaboration for an a iOS version?