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A GaVe creation was born from the lucky and pleasant encounter between an artist who designed jewelry but did not know how to make them and a computer technician who was looking for new projects to be created with his 3D printer. The passions of both could only merge synergistically and are now expressed in our creations for you and with you.


The materials used are those of our time with an eye to biocompatibility; the goal is to have light and comfortable jewelry to wear. We mainly use PLA: a biodegradable plastic material made from corn that we accompany with a metal alloy without nickel or lead for the frames and strings in pure cotton.


For us, technology and art express themselves in theese ways:
From us to you
Creation of customizable ready-to-wear jewels and other objects
With you
Design and production of jewelry, accessories and other objects on your specifications (prototypes or small quantities) .


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Meet the people that are creating for you


Jewelry design, artistic photography and straightforward criticism to the technician



3D design and printing, site creation and maintenance, code for customizations and patience with the artist

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